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Business / Restaurant Apparel

As a small business our self we understand the importance of making sure our employees look professional and represent the company in a positive way.  Your organization's uniforms are a great way of doing that.  The best part - it doesn't have to break the bank. 

Many companies use something as simple as a t-shirt as their uniforms - we see this all the time.  A simple and affordable step up  would be something like a polo shirt.

We understand sometimes you need to look your best which is why we also offer high end dress shirts and polos with embroidered logos.  Ask our sales reps for more info today.

Pricing is based on a number of factors.

  • Quantity

  • Garment 

  • Design

  • Ink Colors

  • Difficulty

  • Process (printing vs hybrid digital print)

  • Customization (names, numbers, etc)

  • Shipping vs Pickup

We don't have a set pricing list - we try

to tailor our pricing to your specific

project + your budget.

We never want ANYONE to be unable

to order shirts because they can't afford

it - we can help you make customizations

that will help get our pricing to meet your 

needs - everytime!

No need to go elsewhere or price shop -

tell us what you need and what you want

to pay - we can help design something

that will work.

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