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Non-Profits / Fundraisers

Giving back to the communities we live in is very important to us.  We donate to several local non-profits and are a major donor to Realities for Children.

We work with hundreds of fundraising and charity organizations each year.  Everything from international learning programs, ms walks, community cleanups, food bank donation centers, the red cross, community garden planting, animal rescues, etc.   The list goes on and on.

We have very special discounts we can apply for non-profit events and organizations - ask our sales staff today.  Your money should go towards your cause - not your shirts.

Pricing is based on a number of factors.

  • Quantity

  • Garment 

  • Design

  • Ink Colors

  • Difficulty

  • Process (printing vs hybrid digital print)

  • Customization (names, numbers, etc)

  • Shipping vs Pickup

We don't have a set pricing list - we try

to tailor our pricing to your specific

project + your budget.

We never want ANYONE to be unable

to order shirts because they can't afford

it - we can help you make customizations

that will help get our pricing to meet your 

needs - everytime!

No need to go elsewhere or price shop -

tell us what you need and what you want

to pay - we can help design something

that will work.

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